Business Internet


Offers wireless internet for your business needs

The Emtel Business Internet offers high-speed internet and an optional fixed line voice service. You can connect multiple devices such as PC, laptop, tablet, mobile or Smart TV simultaneously.

There are multiple options with which we can connect your premises.

Antenna / Dish:


Modem / Wi-Fi

Service Level Agreement (SLA):
  • Option available for 30Mb plan subcribers

Dedicated Help Desk:
  • Offers real-time technical assistance to your queries and concerns

Special Offer:
  • Free handset & Voice Mins (Fixed To Fixed National)

  • Connect up to 32 devices at a time through Wi-Fi
Bundled Local Minutes/month (Including POTS)** Monthly Rental Installation Fee
Up to 10 Mbps 180 Mins Rs. 7,500* Per month Rs. 1,500*
Up to 20 Mbps 240 Mins Rs. 10,500* Per month Rs. 1,500*
Up to 30 Mbps 360 Mins Rs. 13,500* Per month Rs. 1,500*

** Calls toward local fixed numbers only
Please contact Emtel Business Executives to choose from the Multiple Bandwidth Options

* All prices are exclusive of VAT

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For additional information please email us on: or give us a call on 5498 4444