Subscribe to any of three Airbox offers and benefit these days, from a free and fast installation, a free fixed phone line service with Caller Line Identification* and free calls every month!

* A phone fitted with a digital screen is required for this feature.


Benefit from Rs 150 discount Inc. VAT per month over the first 12 months of subscription! A total of RS 1800 savings during 1 Year!

Promotion date: 09th February - 09th March 2018

Airbox - The key benefits


Unlimited High Speed Internet

Visit your favourite websites, stay connected to families and friends, watch videos, download music and so much more with Emtel Platinum 4G.

fixed-home-phone icon

Fixed Home Phone

Phone including free calls with FREE CLI and FREE monthly rental fees for additional savings.

fast-installation icon

Fast Installation

Should the eligibility test be successful, the installation will be done on the same day.



Enabled to connect all your WiFi enabled devices such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, game consoles.

Choose the offer which best suits your needs


Free Fixed Phone - Zero Rental Fees - FREE CLI


Description Silver+
Normal Tariff, Inc VAT 1,099
Vat Exemption 15
Direct Debit Discount, Inc VAT 50
Promotion Discount, Inc VAT 150
Final Promotional Price, Inc VAT 884
Offer Details:
Download Speed* Up to 10 Mbps
Upload Speed* Up to 1 Mbps
Fixed Telephony** Free Handset + 240 Mins Fixed to Fixed (Local calls)
FUP Volume in GB*** 200GB


*Best Effort Service & Fair Usage Policy applicable.

** FIXED to Fixed Calls ONLY.

***After 200GB of Internet Browsing, Fair Usage Policy will be applicable.

The discount of Rs150 per month starts as from the subscription month.

It's so easy to get Airbox

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How to Subscribe to Airbox?

step 1

Step 1:
Check if you live in a covered Region. If yes, please visit one of our showrooms with your ID card and a recent proof of address. In showrooms, you will be requested to fill & sign an official order form, and either; (A) submit a proof of your bank a/c, should you choose the Direct Debit mode of payment or, (B) pay a deposit fee of MUR1000, if you prefer the cash payment mode.

step 2

Step 2:
Depending on your home location, our sales representatives, will propose the best Airbox technology for you. In case a coverage survey is required, an eligibility test / installation date will be proposed to you.

step 3

Step 3:
If a survey is required at your home location, our staff will explain the standard installation process on the installation day.

step 4

Step 4:
If the best solution for you is the FTTA technology, a dish antenna will be positioned on the most suitable area outside your house and the modem will be installed inside at your desired location. If the best solution for you is the 4G technology, then a modem will be installed at your desired location.

step 5

Step 5:
After the installation, our staff will conduct a full demonstration of the service. You can now enjoy high speed internet at your convenience.

Check the Platinum 4G coverage map

In order to ascertain availability of service within the covered regions, an eligibility test will need to be performed on site.

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How can we help?

What is Airbox?

Airbox is a brand new service bringing high speed unlimited internet and a fixed telephone line service to your home. We believe that it is definitely the internet solution you’ve been waiting for!

1. What are the main advantages of Airbox?

  • Quick Installation at your home
  • High Speed Unlimited Internet for you and your family to enjoy all through the month
  • Free CLI ready fixed phone line service, bundled with free minutes of calls* every month
  • Dedicated Customer Care service assisting you on a 24/7 basis, with all your queries
  • Choice of your Airbox phone number for free (the last four digits)
  • The most competitive rates for fixed line telephone service
  • Wi-Fi for the whole family through your Airbox modem
  • No fixed phone line is required to install Airbox
  • Uses the latest technology

2. Is there any eligibility criteria which will determine whether I will have access to Airbox?

Indeed, your home must be covered by the service and an eligibility test needs to be carried. Please visit one of our Emtel showrooms or call us on 8970 for more information.

3. What is the Minimum Subscription Term for the Airbox service?

Your Agreement is for a minimum period of 12 months.

4. What happens if I want to stop the service before the end of the subscription period?

Should you choose to stop using the service prior to the end of the subscription period, ie month 12, an Early Termination Charge (ETC) will apply. This ETC amounts to your Minimum Monthly Subscriber fee (for example Rs 1,284 for the 20Mbps offer), multiplied by the number of months remaining in your agreement with us.

5. Can I upgrade or downgrade my Airbox offer?

You can upgrade your bundle only once per month during your Minimum Subscription period. Your 12 months Minimum Subscription Period will remain the same.

You can also downgrade your bundle, by one level, once per year during your Minimum Subscription period. For example, if you have a 30 Mbps package, you can downgrade to a 20 Mbps package only.

1. What is the speed I will enjoy through the Airbox service? Is there a guaranteed speed?

You will enjoy speeds of up to 10Mbps, 20Mbps or 30Mbps, depending on the offer you have subscribed to. There is no guaranteed speed as Airbox is a best effort service.

2. What is the price I will have to pay for the Airbox unlimited high speed internet service?

Three bundles are available. Please refer to the table below for more details on our Direct Debit prices and freebies that we have bundled with each of these offers.

3. Is a Fair Usage Policy applicable to the Airbox service?

Your Airbox subscription entitles you to an Unlimited Monthly Data Allowance. However, all unlimited offers are governed by Emtel’s Fair Usage Policy, which can be found on

4. What exactly are the freebies I will be getting together with my Airbox service?

Your Airbox bundle will also include a free fixed phone and depending on the package you have subscribed to, you will either enjoy 60, 120 or 240 mins of free calls, towards any local fixed phone lines, every month. A free email address, with 1GB of storage, will also be provided to you.

5. You supply an email address with the Airbox service. How exactly does it work?

Step 1

Step 2

  • Enter your username Example: john.smith (The email address will be
  • Enter your password.
  • Note: Password should include uppercase, lowercase and one special character.

  • Click on ‘click to continue’.

Step 3

  • Enter your voucher in the ‘Promotional code’ field.
  • Then click on the “RED” right arrow next to the ‘Promotional code’ field, to validate the voucher.
  • Click on Checkout.

Step 4

  • Enter your personal details and create your Emtel 1010 Cloud account.

Note: You can use same or different username and password for your Cloud account and Airbox mail.
          You can also manage all your cloud service at You can enter your Airbox email address and mobile number to get           order confirmation mail/SMS.

  • Click on complete order.

1. What exactly is included in the Airbox telephone service?

A fixed telephone line number will be provided to you, free of charge, once you have subscribed to the service. Emtel will also provide you with one fixed phone and, depending on the bundle you have subscribed to, you will also be entitled to 60, 120 or 180 minutes of free calls towards local fixed phone lines exclusively, every month.

2. Do the free calls, bundled with my Airbox offer, apply to calls made towards any network?

The free calls are to be used exclusively towards fixed telephone line numbers in Mauritius, Rodrigues & Agalega. Calls towards mobile, international and premium numbers are not included in these free calls and you will be charged accordingly whenever applicable.

3. Is the phone number provided with my Airbox considered as a fixed telephone line?

Yes, it is a fixed phone line and the rates are as follows: Rs 0.60/min towards local fixed phone line numbers & Rs 1.45 towards local mobile numbers. More information on the rates are available on

4. Will I have to pay Emtel a monthly line rental fee for this fixed telephone line & telephone device?

No monthly rental fee is applicable.

5. Can I choose my Airbox fixed telephone number at subscription time or at a later stage?

Yes, you can choose the last four digits as per availability, and at subscription time only.

1. How much will I have to pay to have the Airbox installed at my home?

A one-off fee of Rs 1000 (VAT excl) will be applicable.

2. How long, after having subscribed, will I have to wait to get the Airbox installed?

The service will be installed at your home within 20-30 working days following your subscription.

3. How much time will the installation team take to install the Airbox service at my premises?

It will take approximately 90 minutes. But this time can vary depending on the complexity of the installation.

View the installation video

4. Can the installation be done during the weekend, or after office hours?

Installations are done every day of the week and on Saturdays between 09h00 and 17h00. Unfortunately, no installations are done on Sundays and on Public Holidays.

5. Will the installation team require any assistance from me on the installation day?

Yes. You will need to ensure that someone is available at your premises at the scheduled time and during the installation. You will also be requested to provide a power source, so that the installers can effectively perform the installation. Finally, you will also need to ensure that two electrical sockets are available in the room in which you want the Airbox modem to be installed.

1. When does billing for the Airbox service start?

Billing will start on the date of installation, once the service is active at your premises.

2. What will my first bill include? When will I receive it and when will it be due?

a) Pro-rated rental calculated based on the number of days of service consumed during the month of subscription.

b) Full rental for the next month of services.

c) Calls made during the month.

3. What will my other bills include and how will I receive it?

Your other bills will be issued at the beginning of each month and it will be sent by email or post.

They will include one minimum monthly subscription fee, (ex Rs. 1,284 for the 20Mbps bundle), plus charges for the calls done from your LTE fixed line.

If you opt for ebill there is no extra charge. In case of paper bill, an additional Rs 25 is charged.

4. Is there any convenient method of payment for the Airbox service?

You can select any preferred mode of payment below:

a) Direct debit payment: you get Rs 50 discount on your bill for successful direct debit

b) Payment through Juice app (MCB)

c) Internet banking (Local bank transfer or bill payment-if available)

d) Payment though Emtel Cash

You may click on the link to get more details on available mode of payments. You may request help with our sales person if required.

5. What are the documents to be signed and handed to the Emtel team upon registration?

a) Sales order summary form

b) Direct Debit form and bank details (if applicable)

c) A security deposit will be required

d) Copy of your ID card or resident permit/passports (for non-Mauritians)

e) Proof of address (CEB bill or CWA bill)

1. What phone number should I call if I require any assistance on the Airbox service?

a) Contact us through Facebook or by mail :

b) Call on our dedicated customer care number on 8970, available from Monday to Sunday 06:00 am to 01.00 am. (Call free if calling from Emtel Airbox phone line or Emtel mobile number)

2. If I have a technical issue, in how much time will the problem be resolved?

The time it takes to resolve your issue depends on the type and complexity of the issue you are facing. While we will try to resolve most issues at your first call, we may have to come to your place to fix certain problems. Depending on your availability, we shall endeavour to visit you within 72 hours.

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