Subscribe to any of three Airbox offers and benefit these days, from a free and fast installation, a free fixed phone line service with Caller Line Identification* and free calls every month!

* A phone fitted with a digital screen is required for this feature.


Benefit from Rs 150 discount Inc. VAT per month over the first 6 months of subscription! A total of RS 900 savings in 1 Year! Promotion date: 20th August 2018 to 09th September 2018

Airbox - The key benefits


Unlimited High Speed Internet

Visit your favourite websites, stay connected to families and friends, watch videos, download music and so much more with Emtel Platinum 4G.

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Fixed Phone Line Service

Phone service includes free monthly calls (60, 120, 240 or 250 Mins), free (CLI) service.
No monthly rental fee to be paid, it is completely FREE !

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Fast & Free Installation

Airbox is a Plug & Play solution. No costly and time consuming technical intervention required. Free installation and no need to have a fixed phone line to enjoy internet.
Great SAVINGS for You!



Connect all your WIFI enabled devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, tablets and ENJOY internet.

Choose the offer which best suits your needs


Free Fixed Phone - Zero Rental Fees - FREE CLI


Terms and conditions for SILVER+ promo:

Description Silver +
Normal Tariff, Inc VAT 1,099
Vat Exemption 15
Direct Debit Discount, Inc VAT 50
Promotion Discount, Inc VAT 150
Final Promotional Price, Inc VAT 884
Offer Details:
Download Speed* Up to 10 Mbps
Upload Speed* Up to 1 Mbps
Fixed Telephony** Free Handset + 240 Mins Fixed to Fixed (Local calls)
FUP Volume in GB*** 200GB


*Best Effort Service & Fair Usage Policy applicable.

** FIXED to Fixed Calls ONLY.

***After 200GB of Internet Browsing, Fair Usage Policy will be applicable.

The discount of Rs150 per month starts as from the subscription month.

It's so easy to get Airbox

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How to subscribe to the AIRBOX internet service?

step 1

Option 1:
You can visit the closest Emtel showroom. You will bring your ID card, a recent proof of address & Rs 1,000 for the security deposit along with you. If you will be paying through the Direct Debit Method, a recent proof of bank a/c will also be required, bank card or top part of a recent bank statement.

step 2

Option 2:
You request one representative from our Outdoor Team to visit you for the registration. This can be done by leaving your contact details hereunder. Just fill in the appropriate information and our team will soon contact you for a visit and a full demonstration.

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How can we help?

1. What is the Airbox?

It is a residential internet service coming with WIFI, a free fixed phone line service, free monthly calls and other exciting advantages. Airbox will enable you to enjoy fast and unlimited internet at home. You will also be able to make and receive calls through your Airbox fixed phone line service. Like all the other residential internet services in the world, you will note that Airbox is also a Best Effort service, coupled with a Fair Usage policy (FUP).

2. What are the advantages of Airbox?

  • You get to enjoy internet quickly. No need to wait for weeks.
  • Installation is fast and free. Plug & Play solution. No cost involved.
  • No need to invest in a fixed phone line to enjoy internet. Great savings.
  • Great Data allowances to fuel your connection throughout the month.
  • Fast & Unlimited internet for the family. WIFI coverage at your place.
  • A telephone set, with the CLI service, provided free of charge to you.
  • You will enjoy free minutes of calls, (60,120, 240 or 250), every month.
  • Enjoy the most competitive rates on your fixed phone line service.
  • No monthly rental for the fixed phone service. It’s FREE.
  • Dedicated Customer Support available on 8970.
  • Your router is a mobile internet solution!

3. Is there any eligibility criteria which will determine whether I will have access to this service?

The location from which you will be using your Airbox internet service must be covered by our 4G network. Kindly refer to coverage map here above, or call our Customer Service, on 8970, for further information.

4. What are the Airbox plans available?

Three plans are available these days. Silver, Silver+, “TURBO” and Gold plans. All three are packed with a fixed phone line service and smart data allocations to fuel your internet connection properly every month.

5. How do I get to subscribe to the Airbox service?

You can either visit one of our showrooms or have one of our Outdoor Sales people to visit you. If you choose the Outdoor Team option, please mandatorily leave your full contact details further down, on our web site.

1. What is the speed I will enjoy through the Airbox service, is the speed guaranteed?

You will enjoy speeds going up to 10Mbps for the Silver, Silver + & “TURBO” plans and up to 20Mbps through the Gold plan. Airbox, like ALL the other residential internet services in the world, is a Best Effort service. Speed will accordingly vary from time to time depending on global usage.

2. What is the price I will have to pay for the Airbox unlimited internet service?

Please refer to the table below for more details on our Direct Debit prices and amazing freebies bundled with our internet plans;

** Direct Debit Pricing

3. Is a Fair Usage Policy applicable on the Airbox service?

Like all the other residential internet services in the world, our Airbox plans indeed come with specific data allocations, and are governed by a Fair Usage Policy. You may consult Emtel’s Fair Usage Policy, on our web site

4. How many devices can I connect with the Airbox router to smoothly enjoy internet?

The more devices you simultaneously connect to an internet router, the slower will be the internet speed. We shall accordingly advise you to keep your Wi-Fi password private and ideally connect 1 - 3 group simultaneous devices to you router if on the Silver plan. The Silver+ and Gold plans, ideally accommodate 4 -5 group simultaneous devices..

5. Any specific recommendations before using the Airbox router?

(A) Place your router at a location where the 4G / LTE coverage is available, the light on your router should then indicate the cyan color. (B) Install your router in ‘opened room’ so that you get to enjoy a better Wi-Fi coverage at home. (C) Connect your Airbox router direct to power and never through non-certified multiplugs. (D) Keep your router away from sources of heat, cold and humidity. (E) The router should always be used indoor and for residential type of usage. (F) Check your data consumption through the Hi app.

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Recently Approved Tariffs from ICTA:

Emtel Ltd. hereby gives public notification, in accordance with new subsection 31(7)(d) of the Information and Communication Technologies Act 2001 (as amended), that the company’s tariff application for the launch of New Tariffs for High Speed Residential Best Effort Internet bundled with Voice under the PSTN & ISP licences has been approved. More details of the tariff approved from ICTA is as follows:

Description 10Mbps with 250 Mins
Package price Exc VAT 1,086 1,086
Package price Inc VAT 1,249 1,234
Download Speed Up to 10Mbps Up to 10Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 1Mbps Up to 1Mbps
Fixed Telephony Free Handset + 250 Mins Fixed to Fixed (Local calls) Free Handset + 250 Mins Fixed to Fixed (Local calls)
Email N/A 1 email account free
WiFi Modem Paid Free
FUP Applicable Yes Yes
FUP Volume Range 350GB – 500GB 350GB - 500GB

Terms and Conditions:

1. Additional Voice usage in Excess of the free minutes fixed to Fixed included in the monthly fee will be charged as per Table below.

2. Tariffs for other types of calls and for SMS will be charged as per Table 2 below.

3. Customers setting their bills through direct debit would benefit from a discount of Rs 50 Inc VAT on the tariffs of the postpaid packages. Similarly, customers willing to pay the 12-month rental charge upfront by cash or check would also benefit from this discount facility.

Additional Voice Usage Tariffs:

Category Tariffs (Excl Vat)
National voice calls to fixed line Rs 0.6/min, with per minute charging
National voice calls to mobile Rs 1.45/min, with per minute charging
National & International SMS Rs 0.5/SMS
ILD Calls Same as approved current tariff

1. What exactly is included in the Airbox Fixed Telephone Line service?

A fixed telephone line number will be provided to you, free of charge, once you have subscribed to the Airbox internet service. Emtel will also provide you with a fixed telephone set and, depending on the plan you have chosen, you will also be entitled to 60, 120 or 240 minutes of free calls, towards local fixed phone lines, every month! The Caller Line Identification, (CLI), service is also included and is free!

2. Do the free calls, bundled with my Airbox plan, apply to calls made towards any network?

The free calls are exclusively towards the fixed telephone line of the Republic of Mauritius, all operators inclusive. Calls done towards mobile, international and premium numbers are not included in those free calls and will be billed accordingly.

3. Is the phone number provided with my Airbox considered as a fixed telephone line number?

Yes, it is a fixed phone line, the rates go accordingly and are as follows: Rs 0.60/min towards local fixed phone line numbers & Rs 1.45 towards local mobile numbers. The most competitive rates in Mauritius! More information on the rates are available on

4. Will I have to pay Emtel a monthly rental fee for the fixed telephone line service?

No monthly rental fee is applicable. It is completely FREE! You will also get to enjoy the monthly free minutes of calls, the CLI service and a fixed telephone set will graciously be provided to you.

5. Can I choose my Airbox fixed telephone number at subscription time or at a later stage?

Yes, you can choose the last four digits as per availability, and at subscription time only.

6. Is the Caller Line Identification, (CLI), service included in the Airbox Plans?

Yes. CLI service is already activated on your Airbox fixed phone line and is provided for free! You will now be able to identify all the numbers calling you through your Airbox fixed phone line, while using a telephone set, fitted with an LCD screen.

1. What are the documents to be signed & submitted at times of subscription?

  • Sales Order Form
  • Copy of your ID card or Passport
  • Resident / Work Permit (For foreigners)
  • Recent proof of address (Utility Bill)
  • Recent proof of bank a/c no., bank card / statement, (For Direct Debit)
  • Security deposit of Rs 1000/-

2. What are the equipment provided by Emtel for the Airbox service?

  • One 4G router + power cord.
  • One Fixed telephone set.
  • One Emtel SIM card already loaded in router.

Note: Do not remove the sim card from your router.

3. How quick after the registration do I get to enjoy internet at home?

Once you have successfully registered to the Airbox service, it will take a maximum of 24hrs, (working days), for your Airbox service, to be active. The same principle applies for both methods of acquisition; either through our showrooms or outdoor teams.

4. How will I get to know when my connection is active?

The network led color indicator on your Airbox router will indicate the cyan color. It means that both your Airbox internet & Airbox fixed phone line services are active

5. What if my connection is not activated within the next 24hrs?

You must call our Customer Care, on 8970, for prompt assistance.

1. When does billing for the Airbox service start?

Billing will start on the date of activation of the service. Bills are issued at the beginning of each month and will include your monthly subscription fee and billable calls (if any). It may also include Late Payment Charges, (LPC), if you are late on your payments!

2. What will my first bill include and why is it different to the other bills?

It will include;

- The Pro-Rata days in month of subscription / activation.

- A Full month subscription fee.

- Billable calls (if any)

3. What will my other bills include?

It will include a one month premium, (ex Rs. 1,034 for the Silver+ plan), the billable calls, if any, and the late payment charges, if applicable.

4. How will I receive my bills?

Your bill will be sent by either email or post.

If you opt for e-bill (by email), you will be able to save Rs25 per month.

5. By when do I need to settle my bills?

Refer to the Due Date, indicated on the top right of your bills. You must ensure that the amount owed to Emtel, is paid latest on that date, every month. Otherwise, late payment penalties will apply and your connection will be temporarily suspended.

6. What are the modes of payment available which I can choose to pay my Airbox Bill?

I. Payment through Emtel Cash

II. Payment through Direct Debit

III. Payment through Juice App (MCB)

IV. Payment through Internet Banking (Local Bank transfer or bill payment – if available)

V. Payment through cash in our showrooms

Benefits using Juice and Internet Banking:

  • Pay Emtel Bills for yourself, friends and family
  • Verify your bank account balance before and after paying your bills
  • Time & Transportation savings

Benefits using Direct Debit:

  • Enjoy the Direct Debit pricing, (Rs 50 discount), on your monthly premium, when Direct Debit is successfully set up. Ex. For Silver+ Plan, you will pay Rs 1,034 per month instead of Rs 1,084, as premium.
  • Fast and savings on transportation costs.
  • Time & Transportation Savings.

Benefits using Emtel Cash:

  • Instant processing of your payment
  • Get Rs 25 discount on your Airbox Bill (You will pay)
  • Time & Transportation savings.

Note: Direct Debit Pricing Eligibility: If you choose the Direct Debit mode of payment, you will be invoiced on the DD pricing once your Direct Debit has been successfully set up by your bank. Ex. For the Silver+ offer, you will be paying Rs 1,034/ month instead of Rs 1,034 + Rs 50 = Rs 1,084/month, if paying by cash.

1. What is the phone number should I call if I require any assistance on the Airbox service?

You must call our dedicated Customer Care on 8970. It is available, from Monday to Sunday, as from 06:00 am to 01.00 am. Our agents will be pleased to assist you with your queries. You can also contact us, through email, on

2. If I have a technical issue, in how much time will the problem be resolved?

The time taken to resolve technical challenges depends on the type and complexity of the issues customers are facing. But rest assured that we constantly strive at closing most of our customers’ technical challenges or queries at first call. We are also pleased to inform you that the 4G is a wireless technology which enjoys way less downtime compared to other internet technologies. Most of the rare technical challenges we may meet are accordingly solved remotely and quickly. This is to the advantage of our valued customers also!

3. Is there a support available to check my data consumption on my Airbox internet service?

Yes. You can download the HiLink App,, from PlayStore or App store. Once it is loaded on your smartphone or tablet, connect this device, through Wi-Fi, with your Airbox router. You will then be able to view, through the App, your data consumption, as often as required.

If you want our Outdoor Team to contact you further information, or a demonstration of the Airbox service, at your place, please leave your contact details hereunder.

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