4G LTE – Mobile Internet

Experience the speed on Emtel 4G with the latest 4G devices. Get on Emtel 4G with the newest and speediest devices and enjoy speeds of 5 times faster than 3G.

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1G, 2G, 3G and now 4G. What does it all mean?

Mobile communications began with simple voice calls on 1G or 1st generation network. Then came SMS and basic internet functions on 2G. Afterwards, 3G offered speeds that allowed better browsing and video streaming experience, faster downloads and various mobile applications.

Emtel has now introduced 4G. LTE or “Long Term Evolution”, a wireless platform standard that is the most advanced available globally. Emtel 4G offers speeds up to 5 times faster than 3G. This broadband revolution will change the way we work and play, once again.

*Speeds are on a best efforts basis depending on factors such as location, coverage, distance from communication tower and number of simultaneous users.

Emtel NOW provides you with ideal 4G mobile internet packages. You can browse internet on the move with Emtel LTE Dongle at very high speed internet, download HD videos, view real time videos and so much more. Mobile Internet – 4G LTE plans

Prepaid 4G Plans

Available packagesPackage Price Inc. VATWeb Pack activation command by SMS to 8284ValidityExcess web pack tariffs (inc VAT)
Daily 40 MB + 20 SMS + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs 10SubspaceDaily1 DayRs 3.53
Weekly 250 MB + 50 SMS + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs 49SubspaceWeekly7 Days
Weekly 750 MB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs 99SubspaceWeekly750mb
Monthly 1GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs 249Subspace1GB30 Days
Monthly 2GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs 449Subspace2GB
Monthly 3GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs 649Subspace3GB
Monthly 5GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs 949Subspace5GB
Monthly 10GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs 1,449Subspace10GB
Monthly 50GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs 2,949Subspace50GB

Postpaid 4G Plans

Available PackagesPostpaid – Mobile Internet tariffs Rs (Incl VAT)ValidityExcess Web pack tariff (Inc VAT)
Monthly Mobile Internet
Monthly 1GBRs 234.001 calendar monthRs 2.53
Monthly 2GBRs 434.00
Monthly 3GBRs 634.00
Monthly 5GBRs 934.00
Monthly 10GBRs 1,434.00
Monthly 50GBRs 2,934.00
In which regions of Mauritius does Emtel provide LTE coverage?
LTE coverage is available in Port Louis, Ebene, Airport, Beau Bassin, Curepipe & Tamarin. We also have 4G LTE experience centers in our Bagatelle, Port-Louis, Ebene and Rose Hill showroom for you to try out the experience.
Which devices can I use to enjoy LTE browsing experience?
You need an LTE enabled device to enjoy LTE browsing experience with Emtel. Visit any Emtel showroom to check on our latest collection of LTE enabled devices.
Do I need a special SIM card to enjoy the LTE experience on LTE Handsets and Dongles?
Yes, you require a USIM in your LTE enabled devices. Visit any Emtel showroom to get your USIM cards.
Can I do voice calls on the LTE network?
We do not have the voice over LTE service. However, you can do your voice calls on your LTE enable device. The network will automatically fall back to HSPA+ while you do your voice calls.