100% Value Back Offer

What is 100% Value Back

For every Smart device (Smartphones or Tablets) that you purchase with Emtel, we offer you a unique 1-Year Free Bundled offer of Mobile Data, Emtel Voice minutes and SMS.

You benefit from 100% Value Back in terms of Free Local Mobile Data + Free Local SMS + Free Emtel Local Call Minutes each month over 1 Year.

This offer is valid for both individual Prepaid and Postpaid customers in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

The combined monetary value of these Free Benefits shall be equal to or more than 100% of the device price you purchase in any of our Emtel showrooms.

Below 100% Value Back offer section gives the bundled offer details which you can avail depending on your purchase value.

What is the benefit of this 100% value back offer?
You benefit from 100% Value Back in terms of Free Mobile Data + Free SMS + Free Emtel Call Minutes.
The combined monetary value of these Free Benefits shall be equal to or more than 100% of the device price you purchase in any of our Emtel showrooms.
Can I carry forward Free Minutes, Mobile Data and SMS on the next month during the 1-Year Freebies offer?
No, All bundled free benefits are available on 30 day period in prepaid and cannot be accumulated.
At the lapse of each 30 days period, you will be auto credited for the Free bundled offer for the next period.

On postpaid all benefits are available for each bill cycle. Any unused Voice Minutes or Data or SMS will lapse each month on the last day of the billing cycle. At the start of next bill cycle, the full benefit will be credited to your account automatically.

Above benefits will lapse after 12 cycles.
What if I use more than the value of Freebie - Example I use 2 GB Mobile data while my Free Mobile Data is 1 GB?
You will have to purchase additional GB of data for any usage beyond the free value.
In case of prepaid you will have to Top Up to avail of any usage beyond the Free Bundled offer.
In case of postpaid any usage beyond the Free Bundled offer shall be charged in your bill.
What all products are covered in this?
All Smartphones and Tablets sold in Emtel are offered with 100% Value back proposition.
This does not include Feature phones and other entry level phones.
What are the conditions of use?
The Freebies is only valid for use with the device you purchased with EMTEL. If you use the Freebies on either a new or your existing Emtel SIM number with another device, the Freebies will be deactivated.

The Freebies is subject to a minimal monthly recharge of Rs. 100 VAT Inclusive on the SIM on which the Freebie was activated to avail of the next month Freebies activation. Otherwise, the Freebie will be automatically deactivated.
Does the FREE calls minutes include calls to other networks free of charge?
No. You need to recharge your SIM to do calls to other networks. 
Free Call minutes apply only to Emtel to Emtel calls.
However, if you have exceeded the activated FREE Emtel Call minutes, you will have to recharge your account to perform Emtel to Emtel calls.

For postpaid any of this usage shall be charged in your monthly bill.
Is this offer available for Corporate customers?
No. This offer is available to individual customers only.
There are special offers exclusively available to Corporate customers which are related to their contract on the Emtel network.
For this please contact your Corporate Account Manager / Sales Director from Emtel.
Is this offer available for Postpaid customers?
Yes. We offer a choice to our customers to choose for either Prepaid or Postpaid subscriptions to benefit of the 100% value back offer.
Is this offer available also for Emtel Rodrigues showroom and Emtel Mini Stores?
Yes. It is available across all our Retail Customer touch points.
We have showrooms all over Mauritius and in Rodrigues. You can visit our showrooms and make a handset purchase basis the model of your choice. 
Can this offer be used while Roaming?
No. This offer is valid only for local use in Mauritius and Rodrigues. 
For roaming usage you will have to pay for roaming charges as per the roaming tariff applicable in the country you are visiting. 

Price Range
(per month)
(per month)
(per month)
Total Value
per month
Value (MUR)
for 1 Year
Below 300060200250 MB2543,051
3001-5000125350250 MB4225,067
500 MB87510,494
10001-150003501100750 MB1,26715,201
15001-2000050015001 GB1,74920,988
1.5 GB3,07436,882
Above 3500015002500
2 GB3,79845,576

The above Combined Monetary Value have been calculated using the current Emtel Tariff applicable:

  • One SMS at Rs. 0.60 inclusive of VAT
  • One 1GB at Rs. 249 inclusive of VAT
  • One Emtel Call minute to Emtel network at Rs. 1.20 inclusive of VAT


Buying a device within the price range above Rs. 35,000, the monetary value over 1 Year is calculated as follows:

Monetary Value = [ (1500 x 1.20) + (2500 x 0.60) + (2 x 249)  ] x 12

                                  = Rs. 3,798 x 12

                                  = Rs. 45,576 VAT Inclusive